Monday, 20 July 2015

What are restrained spring mounts and their application?

Restrained spring mounts are isolators that provide vibration isolation for mechanical systemsand equipment. These isolators are designed in a way to limit vertical and lateral movement of the top support plate caused by equipment operation or wind loading. The uniquely-engineered springs are designed to provide maximum isolation to the mechanical equipments.
There are mainly two types restrained spring mounts namely open restrained spring mounts & closed restrained spring mounts.
·         The Open Restrained Spring mounting is designed specifically for applications where transmission of low frequency machinery vibration to a building structure must be reduced to avoid physical damage or nuisance to the occupants. It is a low frequency mounting designed to limit vertical movement on equipment such as cooling towers and chillers etc. Applications located at roof level can be successfully mounted on ORS units as any movement caused by high wind loads will be limited. Equipment which contains large volumes of liquid will benefit from installation on ORS mountings because during “draining down” upward movement is restricted thus avoiding damage to pipe work and electrical connections.
·         Close restrained spring mounts isolators provide vibration isolation for mechanical equipment. These close housed isolators are-engineered springs that provide very good isolation. Closed restrained spring mounts are a sturdy construction with robust design that offers excellent performance.
·         Spring Mounts provide the good deflection of up to nearly 2″ to ensure excellent isolation.
·         Made of high quality metal springs & rubbers provide excellent isolation
·          The spring serves to isolate a broad range of disturbing vibration frequencies, while the rubber is a high frequency or noise break
·         The vertical and lateral restraints consists rubber inserts to avoid any metallic contact and ensure adequate radial clearance for isolation efficiency.

Application of restrained mounts

The applications include both indoor and outdoor mechanical equipment isolation with lateral loads and minimal to no change in operating weight. Typically these equipments may be used in cooling towers, base-mounted fans, chillers, air handling units and much more.

Types of spring mounts and their application

As compared to rubber mounts, spring mountings have greater static deflection resulting in better isolation efficiency. This makes them more suitable for critical applications, especially for mechanical and industrial equipment which have low disturbing frequencies. Spring mounts come in a wide range of deflections offering maximum load, so that the level of isolation can be accurately selected for each application.
Closed Spring Mount
Closed spring mounts are used beneath mechanical equipment, either alone or in conjunction with inertia bases. They are installed with the purpose of minimizing the transmission of noise and vibration to the building structure and providing a rigid lateral support. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor mechanical equipment isolation with lateral loads and minimal to no change in operating weight. They are mainly used in mechanical equipments such as fans, pumps, air handling units, booster sets, etc. These instruments offer an economic solution to any kind of vibration problems in industrial or mechanical equipment.

Open Spring Mount
Open spring mounts are a simple free-floating top caps and cup bases that provide attachment points and leveling adjustment. These mounts are used in the mechanical equipment, alone or in conjunction with inertia bases, to reduce the transmission of noise and vibration to the building structure. These open spring mounts are typically used to isolating mechanical equipment that produces lower frequency vibrations. They ensure the highest level of stability for un-housed mounts. Built-in leveling arrangement and neoprene acoustic friction pad provided, it is Suitable for any installation where mounted equipment are not subject to significant horizontal thrust or wind pressure. These instruments are quick and easy to install. Open spring mounts are used in applications like fans, pumps, and HVAC units.

Restrained Spring Mount

Restrained Spring Mounts are supplied with a housing that restricts vibration and noise. These equipments are useful especially when subjected to any wind loading or changes in weight during maintenance. These isolators include welded housings designed to limit vertical and lateral movement of the support. Restrained Spring Mountscome in a wide variety of ratings and spring deflections. They are encased in housing with adjustable limit stops. When set correctly, the springs will provide appropriate isolation.  But in case the equipment changes weight significantly due to any fluid drain during maintenance or moves due to wind load, prevent the spring from moving excessively. Restrained spring mounts are applications that include indoor and outdoor mechanical equipment isolation, typical equipment may include cooling towers, base-mounted fans, and air handlers.